I started this social media business as a way to make a positive difference to animals and the environment so I’ve made a pledge to donate 10% of whatever I earn each month to a different charity.


The Vegan Society works towards the vision of a world where humans do not exploit animals. The Vegan Society promotes vegan lifestyles and diets which will benefit people, animals and the environment.

The society supports people to follow vegan diets and has recently launched an app to support them.

The Vegan Society Trademark is the one you’ll see on vegan foods and products.

There’s also news, recipes, events and interviews listed on the site


Greenpeace works to protect the environment in many ways.


Wood Green is a charity that rehomes animals. They provide care for pets in need and help pet owners become the best they can be.


This month its Four Paws, (https://www.four-paws.org.uk) an International Animal Welfare charity which helps to rescue mistreated animals and campaigns for better living conditions for farm animals, companion animals and wild animals. They are funded purely by donations.

Here are a couple of examples of their campaigns:

The 40lives campaign aims to stop cruel practices such as live down plucking and force-feeding of geese.

Bears in Albania aims to highlight the plight of wild bears confined to cages to become tourist attractions.

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